Argent Capital goes mid-cap blend for first ETF

Argent could develop a stronger presence if they get a running start with their new ETF, but its vanilla approach and competition with firms like Vanguard, iShares and others that already run the mid-cap ETF space may limit its ability to catch on among investors, according to FUSE Research Founder and Partner Neil Bathon. He added that investors tend to want to choose either growth or value for themselves, rather than defer to managers to choose in a blended approach. “Advisors have made the decision already, you don’t need an active manager for mid cap blend,” Bathon said. “I think they have a niche, but I think they’re up against a number of hurdles that will makes this something they need to be prepared to stick with for three to five years in order to see it have a chance.”

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Article published on March 21, 2022