What We Do

What We Do

——FUSE Board Services——

The team at FUSE has served as a valuable resource and guide to investment managers and their fund boards for more than 30 years. Unlike most of today’s board consultants and 15(c) report providers, the FUSE team has experience across the breadth of asset management firms -- from product development and portfolio management to distribution and operations which allows us to provide a more holistic approach to our engagements with fund boards.

15C Reporting: 

FUSE’s 15(c) practice was established in 2010 and has grown to serve dozens of fund families and their boards. The team building our 15c reports has decades of industry experience that spans all facets of the business including product, investments, research, distribution and fund board support. This provides a level of insight and understanding that is not found on staff at other 15c providers and results in a more informed peer selection process that leads to better decisions and fiduciary oversight.

Benefits of 15C Reporting: 

  • Deeper insights as to the competitive positioning of the funds driven by superior peer group selection that digs deeper than other vendors to deliver the most relevant comparison groups
  • Time savings with an intuitive, color-coded executive summary and concise, easy to interpret reports
  • Better value for shareholders – our service presents a 25%-35% savings compared to other providers
  • Superior customer service – we work with each client to define service standards and then seek to exceed expectations. FUSE is not a mass production facility


Board Consulting: 

  • Customized programs to help directors stay up to date on industry trends covering all aspects of distribution (sales, marketing, national accounts, product, distribution partners, advisors, etc.)

  • Creation of broad and customized profitability benchmark data & reports

  • Board compensation comparisons

  • Custom peer group creation and peer group evaluations board structure & committee benchmarking

  • Fee & expense analyses; evaluation of changes to management fees or other fund expenses

  • Performance and benchmark assessments product line rationalization and new product launch support

  • M&A support specific to board considerations (fund combinations, rationalizations, fee assessments, etc.)


Independent fund directors have long relied on external sources for operational, accounting and legal expertise, but when it came to product, marketing and sales, they traditionally have not had any external sources to provide guidance. Business Intelligence for Fund Boards (BI4FB) fills this void with objective business expertise that is needed for independent board members to fully understand the competitive environment in which their advisors operate. BI4FB delivers customized insights into issues such as pricing trends, product line marketability, distribution effectiveness, M&A implications and much more. Now, independent directors will be able to incorporate into their decisions an external view of the overall health of the investment firms that serve their funds and their shareholders.

Benefits of BI4FB:

  • Less risk of being surprised by marketplace developments
  • Improved evaluation of strategic direction of the advisor
  • Better informed decisions about product line expansion and requests for rationalization
  • Objective assessment of advisor relative to peers 
  • Independent research that enhances board oversight

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Connect on LinkedIn with Other Independent Directors

In support of these efforts, and to provide an environment for engagement with other board members, FUSE has created a new group on LinkedIn, the Business Intelligence for Fund Boards Forum. 

To join the group, simply click HERE.

If not already connected in LinkedIn to a member of the FUSE team, send an email to info@fuse-research.com and we'll get you connected. 

To learn more about BI4FB and how fund boards can use it to be more informed and make better decisions, please contact Jason Heinhorst at jheinhorst@fuse-research.com.