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MMB is a national, full-service creative agency offering a wide range of services to financial services firms. From brand strategy to creative development and marketing execution, MMB brings the best of consumer branding and expertise to your organization, coupled with a seasoned team of financial services experts. Whether you are launching a new product, an ad campaign, or working on a client acquisition strategy, find out how MMB can help.



SySys is the preferred web and fact sheet technology partner for asset managers that seek a competitive edge by keeping their clients informed while controlling costs. Simply put, SySys builds, hosts, and maintains websites and fund fact sheets for asset managers. FUSE Research’s data and online reports are generated using SySys’ proprietary platform, FundSys. SySys knows the asset management business and can make managing your sites seamless without the need to hire expensive IT resources. To learn more, visit www.SySys.com or contact Kevin Smith, kevins@sysys.com, 303.835.0004 X301.



By leveraging data, the latest technology, and an expert understanding of the industry, Fugent helps brands deepen relationships with advisors through meaningful digital engagements. And we offer the focused analytical tools required to continue building these relationships around product and channel specialization. Learn more at www.fugent.com or contact Michelle Demond-Axelrod, Senior Vice President, michelle.demond@fugent.com, 866.438.4368.