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Demand for Active ETFs Remains Robust Following a Record Year

  • 2022 saw record net flows for active ETFs with $89.7 billion in net inflows, a 12% increase from 2021. Additionally, despite a broad market pullback, active ETFs still managed a 16.4% increase in AUM ending the year with $337.8 billion in AUM.
  • While new launches were slightly muted during 2022, with 258 launches vs. 300 in 2021, this was largely due to adverse market conditions. That said, the outlook for 2023 is very positive for active ETFs with many managers making them a top priority as active mutual funds continue to shed assets.
  • Among active ETFs, U.S. Equity was the best-selling asset class with $22.6 billion in net flows. International Equity followed in a close second with $19.2 billion in inflows, which also led to AUM increasing nearly 115% during 2022. Nontraditional Equity ranked third with $16.3 billion in net inflows, leading to the biggest percent increase in AUM of approximately 163%.

U.S. Active ETFs: Assets and Estimated Net Flows, 2018-2022 ($M)

2.7.23 Blog
Source: FUSE Research Network, Morningstar