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Advisor Demand for Alternative Investing Educational Materials

  • As advisor interest in alternative investments continues to grow, so too does the need for alternative educational materials. Currently, 70% of advisors believe that these materials are lacking from investment managers.
  • In a recent survey of advisors, FUSE asked what types of alternative materials they are most interested in. Online tools to model the impact of alternatives on a portfolio is of high interest to 42% of advisors, with only 15% not interested. Having easy-to-use tools to help advisors understand how alternative strategies fit into their overall allocation can give asset managers an advantage when targeting advisors.
  • Advisors are also looking to asset managers to help educate the end client on alternatives. The next most in-demand materials are strategy-specific content (39% highly interested) and practice management guides for explaining alternatives to clients (37% highly interested).

Advisors’ Interest Level for Alternative Educational Materials

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Source: FUSE Research Network