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Active ETF Growth Shows No Signs of Slowing

  • According to a recent FUSE advisor survey, active ETFs are experiencing a significant surge. The survey found that 44% of advisors plan to increase their active ETF allocations, placing it at the top of the leaderboard for increased allocations over the next 12 months. Additionally, nearly 60% of surveyed asset managers reported to FUSE that active ETFs will be a “major focus” in the coming period, aligning with the trend.
  • The use of separate accounts is expected to increase by more than one-third of advisors in the next 12 months, which is the second-highest gain among vehicle types, slightly ahead of passive ETFs at 32%.
  • A quarter of advisors plan to boost their allocations to active mutual funds while 16% expect to decrease their allocations. Meanwhile, 17% of advisors intend to reduce their use of passive mutual funds, registering the greatest projected decrease.

Expected Change in Product Type in the Next 12 Months

Blog 11.15.23

Note: Only includes top six products by increase.
Source: FUSE Research Network