Established in 2010, the FUSE 15(c) practice has grown to serve dozens of fund families and their boards. The team building our 15(c) reports possesses decades of industry experience that spans all facets of the business including product, investments, research, distribution and fund board support. This level of insight and understanding exceeds staff at other 15(c) providers and results in a more informed peer selection process, leading to better decisions and fiduciary oversight.

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Highly Relevant Peer Comparisons

Our methodology combines a consistent and repeatable process with flexibility motivated by deep product and investment experience with a consultative approach.


Superior Customer Service

FUSE works with each client to define service standards and then seek to exceed expectations. FUSE is not a mass production facility.
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Better Value for Shareholders

We leverage technology and the deep resources across the broad FUSE organization to offer a superior 15(c) solution, resulting in a 25%-35% savings compared to other providers.

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Customized Solutions

From assuring that reports you receive include the data, exhibits, and layout that best fits your needs to the development of dynamic online dashboards and reports, FUSE can be a true partner in your advisory contract renewal process.