samuel campbell


Samuel Campbell


Sam is primarily responsible for the development and delivery of our Market Intelligence Platform service offering. This includes directly contributing content, editorial responsibilities, and overseeing the FUSE research staff. In addition, Sam is heavily involved in the project management and execution of unique client projects as well as work closely with research partners in their production of study material.


  • 5 years of directly supporting firm’s product, marketing, and distribution initiatives
  • 3+ years of evaluating investment managers, products, and strategies
  • Suffolk University (MBA)
  • University of Washington (Anthropology)


  • Didn’t own a car until I was 30, but have driven across the country 5 times
  • It has been a while, but I have never shied away from a restaurant “eating challenge” (i.e. The Ole 96er). My record is 1 – 6 – 1.


  • Financial Research Corporation (FRC), 2003-2008
    • Director of Research, Director of Investment-Only and Sub-Advised Research, Analyst – I started at FRC as an analyst primarily covering the retirement markets, later heading up the research efforts focused on investment-only and sub-advisory markets. I stepped into the director of research role at the end of 2006.
  • Partners HealthCare, 2000–2003
    • Financial/Investment Analyst – A wide ranging role supporting the financial reporting and manager due diligence activities for around $6 billion in pension, endowment, and corporate assets.
  • Evergreen Funds, 1997–2003
    • Correspondence Coordinator – An “in-the-trenches” job responding to written inquiries from fund investors and financial advisors.


  • Integral to the product and pricing decisions of a mid-sized asset manager seeking to expand into third-party intermediary channels
  • Developed a product and distribution strategy for a primarily institutional investment manager to effectively sell into and support the defined contribution channel
  • Worked in concert with a boutique asset manager to identify opportunities to expand its sub-advisory presence