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Seeing Results from Data Analytics in Distribution

  • Asset managers have been building out their data analytics capabilities to better identify, prioritize, and engage financial advisors via their marketing and sales teams.
  • Based on a FUSE Research survey, 75% of asset managers say analytics have helped focus their distribution strategy and resulted in a positive impact. The remaining 25% say data analytics has so far produced only a marginal value to the bottom line. No asset manager considers its data analytics efforts “transformational” for its business — understandable, given that most firms are in the early stages of incorporating analytics into the sales management process.
  • Experience clearly pays off. All asset managers who have been using analytics for three years or longer categorized their return on the data investment as positive rather than marginal. Years of experience was much more strongly correlated to perceived ROI than the size of the asset management organization.
  • Now that so many asset managers are pursuing a more data-driven approach, we expect more firms to stick with data analytics and see more of a return on their investments.

Perceived Return on Investment

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Source: FUSE Business Intelligence & Analytics Survey, January 2022