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Public Asset Managers Enjoy Rise in 1Q23 Median Operating Profit Margins

  • After experiencing improved market conditions and easing inflation, public asset managers witnessed a rise in the median quarterly operating profit margin (OPM) from 24.6% in 4Q22 to 25.7% in 1Q23. This increase in profit margin was further bolstered by a 4.7% boost in total AUM, which grew from $23.3 trillion to $24.4 trillion.
  • Hamilton Lane emerged as the leader among public asset managers in terms of operating profit margin for 1Q23, boasting an impressive margin of 43.7%. The firm also maintained its forefront position with a margin of 45.4% over the rolling 12-month period.
  • In 1Q23, BlackRock dominated the sales landscape, with an impressive $102.7 billion in net inflows, securing its position as the top seller. In contrast, Blackstone followed at a considerable distance, with $29.5 billion in net inflows, claiming the second spot.

Investment Management Quarterly Operating Profit Margin

6.13.23 Blog
Source: FUSE Research Network, Company Filings