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Personalization: At the Heart of Engaging Clients

  • Based on our April 2023 survey of asset manager marketing executives, more than half of marketers reported growth in the number of emails they sent to financial advisors as well as average click-through rates.
  • Also, nearly 47% experienced an uptick in the number of advisors subscribing to their emails while approximately 7% reported less subscribers.
  • Although several years have elapsed since the start of the pandemic, financial advisors continue to rank email as their preferred delivery method. Since advisors prefer personalized emails versus generic, these campaigns need to be focused and highly targeted.
  • Email marketing can be a powerful tool for connecting financial advisors with asset managers. By adapting strategies to deliver personalized content, marketers can continue to build meaningful relationships with advisors and enhance engagement in the ever-evolving landscape of the financial advisory industry.

Engagement Since Beginning of Pandemic

7.25.23 Blog

Source: FUSE Research Network