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Marketing Touchpoints

  • Advisors rank webinars as the most effective marketing event/touchpoint when shaping their opinion of asset managers. 35% of advisors rate webinars as “very effective” compared to an average of 29% seen in the previous four years.
  • Historically, speakers at company events ranked highest among advisors. The lack of company events and proliferation of webinars during the last two years undoubtedly influenced the shift in advisor opinion. Attendance at industry conferences also experienced a slight dip due to fewer in-person events.
  • The least effective touchpoints, unsurprisingly, are generic emails. Less than 10% of advisors rank it as very effective in 2022. By comparison, more than three times the advisor survey group (25%) think customized emails are very effective in shaping their opinion of a manger.

Effectiveness of Marketing Events/Touchpoints in Shaping Advisor Opinion of a Manager, 2018-2022


 blog 72822 bar chart

Note: Percentages represent “very effective” responses

Source: FUSE Research Network, WealthManagement.com