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Marketing Content Correlates with Advisor Age

  • Given the heightened market volatility and economic uncertainty, it is essential that asset managers produce thought leadership to help advisors navigate through choppy waters. According to a recent FUSE survey of advisors, advisor demand for investment and economic commentary has increased substantially compared to pre-pandemic levels, where markets witnessed near-zero interest rates and low inflation.
  • Knowing your advisor audience is an important step in curating the most effective content. Marketing content preferences correlate with advisor age. For instance, advisors 60 years or older prefer white papers while interest drops for those younger than 45. Blog posts on an asset manager’s website and videos ranked fairly evenly at 2.7, with the exception of the 60+ group.
  • Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular medium that asset managers should consider exploring, as younger generations view them as a mainstream way of consuming information. Across the board, younger audiences are turning to podcasts as a source of content, making it an important channel for asset managers to engage with.

Advisor Preference for Type of Marketing Content
Note: Scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “Top Preference”

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Source: FUSE Research Network