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FUSE Refreshes Its Alternatives Report Following Morningstar Alternative Categories Overhaul

In acknowledgement of the differing strategies within alternatives products, Morningstar both adjusted and added new categories to its database focused on the alternative space. For years, FUSE has augmented the standard Morningstar categories with its own alternative groupings.

The changes, introduced at the end of April, parallel what FUSE has been providing to its clients and allowed FUSE to re-evaluate a number of funds. FUSE will continue to produce its Alternative Report on a monthly basis as well as maintain custom groupings for funds placed in the Alternative Credit & Currency category. 

For more details on the Morningstar category revisions and how FUSE has integrated them into its Alternative Report, please make sure to request the April Alternatives Report.

Alternative Strategy Products: Assets & Estimated Net Flows by Category (Open-End Funds & ETPs)($’s Millions)

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