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“Dewey Defeats Truman!”

  • The death of wholesaling has been foretold erroneously over and over based on ever-evolving reasons. Today it’s AI, data, and technology that will provide the final push.
  • Yet, according to FUSE’s latest Wholesaler Effectiveness survey (and the many others from prior years), wholesaling still influences decisions, with advisors rating wholesaler interactions as the third most important consideration in making product decisions.
  • Also, the survey confirmed relationships still matter, especially among an advisor’s top three wholesalers, from a wholesaler’s investment knowledge to being a strong “quarterback” for the asset manager.
  • The key for distribution leaders in today’s competitive environment is to ignore the “just about done” and “going to fall off a cliff” headlines of the Max Kellermans’ of the press, and instead attract and retain more Tom Bradys and fewer Ryan Leafs.

Driving Factors for Working with Top Three Wholesalers on an Ongoing Basis

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Source: FUSE Wholesaler ATM Survey, 2023