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Broker/Dealer Due Diligence Team Coverage

  • Asset managers are constantly nurturing and developing their relationships with broker/dealer due diligence teams, and outreach is a crucial part of this nurture and development.
  • Based on an October 2022 FUSE survey, a majority (52%) of surveyed asset managers reach out to due diligence teams on a monthly basis. Just over one-third of managers connect with due diligence teams less frequently, but still on a regular basis: 13% call on teams every other month and 22% every quarter. A small minority (13%) of managers take a more ad hoc approach, reporting they engage only when they have something new to say.
  • Our findings did not reveal any correlation to engagement frequency and asset manager size.
  • FUSE strongly suggests asset managers track the impact of these meetings within a two-week to 30-day time frame. Understanding how to boost the success rate with due diligence analysts can be greatly helped by tracking all the elements that go into due diligence team engagement and conducting rigorous post-mortems on due diligence meetings.

Frequency of Outreach by Managers to Broker/Dealer Due Diligence Teams

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Source: FUSE Broker/Dealer Due Diligence Team Survey, October 2022