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Anticipated Mounting Costs from TSR Rule

With the imminent implementation of the Tailored Shareholder Reports (TSR) rule, firms are changing their processes and, usually, incurring new costs. These mandates require streamlined, summary annual and semi-annual reports to be clearer, more concise, and visually engaging.

  • A recent FUSE survey found that 69% of asset managers expect a “large” or “enormous” impact from the regulations, and 54% anticipate more time needed for the new reports.
  • 85% of firms foresee annual cost increases due to the TSR rule, with 38% expecting added costs between $100,000 to $500,000, and 8% anticipating added costs over $1 million.
  • The rise in costs will likely accelerate the use of AI and automation in producing shareholder reports, enabling more cost-effective solutions.
Blog 7.9.24