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Alert Plan Advisors of New Content Through Email or Wholesalers

  • Most advisors who specialize in serving DC plans prefer to learn about new content and product materials from asset managers via emails, according to a FUSE survey of advisors. Some 79% of plan advisors cited this notification method, which echoes the preference for email communication from wealth management-oriented financial advisors.
  • The second most popular way to learn of new content is through DCIO wholesalers, reported by 43% of advisors. While the popularity of wholesaler-delivered content notification trailed emails, it significantly outpaced website notification, social media, and text. This suggests that DC plan advisors have a fairly positive view of the wholesalers who cover them.
  • This survey finding is yet more evidence that plan advisors see value in DCIO wholesalers, likely because these wholesalers tend to bring more specialized knowledge about ERISA and the DC world. While emails should be part of any notification of new content, wholesalers can also be strategically deployed.

How DC Plan Advisors Want to Learn of New Content

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Note: Respondents selected multiple options.

Source: FUSE Research survey