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Advisor Opinion of a Fund Company’s Brand

  • As one of the firm’s most valuable intangible assets, a strong brand extends far beyond a name, logo, and advertising campaign, but this continues to be a tricky concept for the asset management industry.
  • While firms spend resources and work hard to shape an image, many financial advisors attach their own view upon the firms with which they choose to work.
  • For asset managers, being able to answer the question, “Who are we and what do we do well” is critical.
  • Those with a clear identity and ability to leverage inhouse professionals to reinforce this viewpoint, especially through PR opportunities and thought leadership, will go a long way towards creating a an effective and differentiated opinion within the targeted client base.

Effectiveness of Marketing/PR Tactics Employed by Fund Companies in Shaping Advisor Opinion of a Fund Company

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Source: FUSE Research Network, WealthManagement.com