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Advisor Meetings with Specialists Provide High ROI

  • According to a recent FUSE survey, advisors shared insights about the value of meeting with specialists from asset managers. External wholesalers are tasked with deciding when and where to bring in a specialist for an advisor meeting. Nearly 90% of advisors that had a meeting with an investment specialist rated it as very valuable or somewhat valuable.
  • Four other types of specialists ranked above 80%: ETF specialists, alternative specialists, portfolio construction specialists, and retirement specialists.
  • Advisors also reported if these meetings led to business with the specific asset manager. ETF specialists led the way with 58% of these meetings resulting in a product sale for the asset manager, followed closely by investment specialists (56%) and retirement specialists (55%). These high conversion rates demonstrate the positive impact when specialists are properly utilized by a wholesaler.

Percentage of Meetings that Led to Business

9.13.23 Blog

Source: FUSE Wholesaler ATM Survey, 2023