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Advisor Data: A Key Partnership Component

  • Data is becoming a larger component of distributor-manager partnerships. Based on a 2022 FUSE survey of asset managers, most managers believe data fees will account for a larger proportion of what they pay to distributors.
  • While the ability to access and utilize data is evolving quickly, data capabilities—in terms of what distributors are able or willing to supply and what asset managers can assimilate into their operations—are still in the early stages.
  • Regarding data availability, the majority of surveyed firms are currently receiving data on advisor assets under management, vehicle usage, and growth of assets. As the distribution landscape shifts, more detailed information about who is making product decisions and how those decisions are made will have greater impact on the ability of firms to effectively position their products at specific distributors.

Percentage of Managers Currently Receiving Advisor Data by Type

3.21.23 Blog

Source: FUSE Survey: 2022 State of Distributor-Manager Partnerships